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Times they are a changin'...


Munich Spring is an historical adventure novel  about a group of everyday free thinkers in Germany during the tumultuous time that was the late 1980s European upheaval. It’s told by Heath Winslow – a cynical, self-deprecating freelance journalist – who seeks to boost awareness of societal swings while buttressing himself against the push by many to remain steadfast.

Set in Munich, the story recounts the dynamic interactions between characters as they attempt to deal with the political, social, and economic shifts sweeping Europe. The Bavarian intrigue culminates in the fall of the Berlin Wall and far-reaching changes impacting the continent.

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This was the blissful break when the world seemed a safer place, between the end of the Cold War and about ten minutes later.”
               ― Mick Herron

Many American politicians and journalists are nostalgic about the Cold War period. Seems like those people can see the World only in black and white. They are definitely men of the Past. The World has changed.”
               ― Jean-Michel Rene Souche



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This is the story of Andro Babich - a naive, but inquisitive Bosnian teenage soccer star - as told by a cynical, self-deprecating war correspondent.

Set amidst the civil war ravaged Balkans of the early '90s, it recounts Andro's exploits, including his daring escapt to America where he gets his green card, joins the Army, an ultimately earns his citizenship.

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